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“Just because I am loosing, doesn’t mean I am lost” – Coldplay. Coldplay is a British alternative rock band which changed the face of music in the UK.



Coldplay has won 85 awards from 252 nominations .


Coldplay’s musical style has been defined as alternative rock.





Know the Top 7 Coldplay Songs of All Time

Songs are the all time threads that bind people with themselves and one another. Coldplay has been creating some of the most loved songs since his arrival in the industry.  Well, fans are always crazy to know more and more about this great singer and performer. Almost all of his creations are fantastic however some rank among the top ones. And yes, we are going to discuss the topmost Coldplay songs here.

Know the Top 7 Coldplay Songs of All Time

The top 7 from Coldplay’s list:

Here are the topmost Coldplay songs listed down:

Viva La Vida:

This song is a combination of great writing and recording. The topmost creations of Coldplay witnessing contemplation, power of self esteem and also religious beliefs. This is a great combination of different factors of life. Viva La Vida meaning ‘Live the Life’, gives perfect perspectives of a person’s life. This song got nominated for the record of the year and has also been awarded the song of the year. Not only great lyrics and singing but this song also had the best video shoots which made it more appealing and lovable. And this song stands on the top of all the Coldplay creations.


Build around one of the prominent piano riffs this song from the Coldplay lists stands on the second best position. This song created a major part of the album, The Rush of Blood and brought in more and more name to the singer. Also it has been used in many of the TV shows and commercials too.


this song can be added up as a breakthrough single hit of Coldplay. This song hides multiple stories within it. And the title ‘Yellow’ is just an effort to title the song with something good. This song won the Award for the Best rock song and also got nominated for the Grammy Awards.

Fix You:

This is the fourth best hit of Coldplay. The lyrics of the song indicate strongly to help someone overcome. This song became highly loved among the audience and the Chris Martin says that he still starts weeping when he hears the song. There are many more interesting stories behind the song.

A sky full of stars:

This is an expansive danceable track, well designed and absolutely well sung making it stand on the fifth position among the Coldplay creations. This song won the best song duo or group performance in the Grammy Award nominations. This song brings out the capacity of unconditional love within a person says the team.

The Scientist:

Second best creation from the album, The Rush of Blood, this song revolves around regret. The song echoes the desire of a person to go back to start. This song got three felicitations in total, namely, MTV best music and Grammy best short film video.

Every teardrop is waterfall:

standing o n the seventh position this song of Coldplay has also received many felicitations as usual. This song is a great adorable artwork that continues to be appreciated by the audience.

All of these Coldplay songs remain to be the all time favorites for the audience.



5 Reasons why Coldplay is the Best Band Ever

From the time when I was a kid, the sweet melodies and hard-hitting persona of the Coldplay band members have always given me goose bumps. The catchy tunes with gloriousness of their voices can’t ever be compared with any other band. Despite all this, the band has never portrayed itself as self-centered or arrogant. Their amazing presence in various countries and cities made them a holy place for music lovers.

5 Reasons why Coldplay is the Best Band Ever

So, are you also a Coldplay fan? If yes, then you definitely need to know some amazing things about the band and their performances!

The flawless voice of Chris Martin’s is like grapes dipped in honey!

Undoubtedly the sweet, charming and melodious voice of the lead singer Chris Martin will let you get a double sweet bonanza treat. The band is nothing without him, and the front man’s amazing voice is the strength of the whole band. The trademark of the troop is their upbeat vibe, which is definitely a blessing for them. The exceptional performer is loved by millions of listeners all around the globe due to his tremendous and heart robbing vibes.

The band isn’t made of humans, but is a sack of actual gems!

Unlike today where bands require an auto tune to set up their voices, the amazing band members here are nowhere less than real gems. Their real music sounds extremely beautiful and melodious. Thus, praises go beyond words.  Even in the live concerts and shows, the band never tries to replicate what they actually did on the album. The vibe, the feel, the emotions and the overall rhythm of live songs will definitely mesmerize your brains and will take you to another world full of sparks.

Don’t feel amazed if their concerts go insane!

Coldplay fans are just another bunch of insane people. Their music is so immersive and mesmerizing that you can’t just stop singing those lyrics with your eyes closed. Their music speaks to the audience and is so immersive, that you can never control your emotions.

With such recognition comes great arrogance? Definitely not in this case!

There are several other well off bands that might just come to your city, would perform and go away! But Coldplay is the epitome of sheer humbleness. The band members have always stayed down to earth whether it’s an international music trip or even when it’s working with other stars. Throughout the course of their life, this band has spread just one thing, love, love, and love!

Their songs are not only unique, but are tanks full of emotions!

The band has always revolutionized their tracks with time, whether its kids, youngsters or adults, each of them have a soft corner for Coldplay and their songs. From various classical hits like ‘Fix You’ to the recent upbeat rhythms of the ‘sky full of stars,’ the songs of Coldplay are so captivating that you can never stay without experiencing a whole new array of emotions. While listening to the tracks, you will completely relate to every beat and lyrics that are immensely beautiful.

So, listen to Coldplay’s powerful vibes and fall in love all over again!